I first met Josh in July during our Community Evangelism Seminar training event in Washington, NC. We had taken the students out into the streets for the evangelism lab portion of the training. Josh was hanging out at the gang house near Market Street.

He was wearing typical Crip gang attire and long dreadlocks. At that time, he wouldn’t give me his name out of fear that I was a cop. He didn’t open up and talk until I explained to him that I was with the church and we were talking to people about spiritual matters.

I asked him what would happen to him when he died. He plainly said, “I’m headed to Continue Reading »


Team member Mark Martin and I were sharing the gospel in the East 10th Street area near the liquor store.  Earlier that day, I had a conversation one of the liquor store employees, Andy. He tried to convince me that the services he offered at the liquor store were “kind of like a ministry to people.”  Essentially, Andy believed that life is tough.  If you do your very best, God will accept that and let you into heaven.

As I walked down the side walk, I encountered Len, a 16 year old, who was leaning against the doorway of a run down recording studio called Destiny Records.  I handed him a block party invitation and then asked, “What is eternity going to be like for you?  Continue Reading »

The dented old Chevy panel van had seen a few cans of cheap spray paint in its day.  It was painted the ugliest yellow-green I had ever seen in my life. 

Deondre, one of the youth from Eastside Community Baptist Church, and I approached this van waiting in the parking lot of the Grocery Store.  It was there that we met the Pham family.

David and Janice, the mom and dad, were very friendly.  They took one of our flyers for the upcoming church Continue Reading »

“Do you have any more literature?”

That is what one Bragg Street resident asked me as we stood under the 4 foot awning trying to stay out of the rain.

I had been distributing tracts and New Testaments to each person who came to get a hot meal this past Saturday Afternoon. (April 5) You could see the spiritual hunger in her eyes as she accepted an eternal life tract and New Testament from my hand.

Before that, we were walking around the block inviting people to come and fellowship and eat from the table we had laid out in front of the old beauty salon building.

Steve, a homeless believer who helps with the weekly Church in the Woods outreach at Moore Square was walking with me at the time. He pointed to one of the apartments on our left and said, “That one right there is a Crack house. There are 15 or 16 people living inside.” Unfortunately, there are Crack houses like this all over the area.

One young man named B was standing on the corner waiting for clients to come by and buy.  Even though the temperature was in the 70’s, he was wearing a gray parka with the fur-lined hood covering his head.  It was obvious that he was dealing drugs.

He walked down to where we were set up to see what was going on. I offered him one of my money tracts and he politely refused. As he walked off, I prayed that God would work in his heart.

Later, after it was apparent that he was not getting much business, he walked back down to ask for something to drink. I gave him a bottle of water and he left. This was a big step for him. Finally, he came back as we were leaving looking for food. Unfortunately, all of the food had been given out by the time he returned.

Please pray for B – and those like him on Bragg Street that God would move in their hearts and that we would be able to build some trust with them. Pray for divine opportunities to share the gospel now that some seeds are being sown.

3/30/08 – Raleigh, NC
Even rain, wind and cold temperatures couldn’t stop the Jesus Party on Bragg Street today!
After the Moore Square outreach, where the Body of Christ came to together to feed about 200 homeless Prayer for a Bragg Street Residentpeople, a group of us packed up Marshall Stewart’s grill and headed to Bragg Street.  As soon as we arrived, I spotted the tennis shoes hanging from the power lines in three locations.  
For those who don’t know, this is the universal sign that a drug pusher is nearby.
As some of our group set up the food, I struck out into the street stopping everyone I could see.  I had some $1000 bill Bible tracts that look like money on one side and have the gospel on the other.  “Let me lay a grand on you today,” I said which usually elicited a smile for the receiver, “Don’t spend it all in one place.”
“By the way, there is some good news on the inside.”  
I bet I gave out at least 30-40 of these gospel tracts and 10-12 Spanish “Su Vida: Un Nuevo Comienzo” tracts.  “Yo tengo un regalo para usted,” I said with a smile as I handed them the tract. Soon the aroma of nicely grilled all beef jumbo hot dogs wafted through the neighborhood mixing with the Kirk Franklin praise and worship music. 
At first, a few people came by our tent, but kept on walking. Then, one by one, people started trickling in.  Between the “bait on the hook” (As Alice McGee says) and the prayers of our team, we soon saw a steady stream on people.  Each one was greeted by several of us and shown the love of Christ in a practical way.
Alice McGee picked up the microphone on the karaoke machine and began to pray – in the rain – for the neighborhood.  Steve Overton, a homeless believer, shared his testimony with the crowd waiting in line to enjoy a hot dog.
Marshall Stewart said, “Alice’s ministry is called Church in the Woods, we are called Church on the Grill.” All in all, this first public meeting in the Bragg street area went extremely well. I would guess that at least 30-40 people from the neighborhood came by to eat and see what those crazy Christians were up to.
Please pray that God would establish this meeting point for His glory to reach those who need the message most. Pray that Satan’s hold on this neighborhood through drugs, alcohol and violence would be broken. Pray for boldness and protection for God’s servants and salvation for those who are being ministered to. For 15 more pictures from this outreach, Click Here


What an adventure 2007 has been!

We have seen lots of changes around the Davis household as you can see from our family picture.  Rebekah Mae Davis joined our family on November 12, 2007.   Her delivery was via c-section and mom and baby are doing well.  Penny and I had forgotten just how wonderful and exhausting and exciting it is to have a little one around the house.

I will say that Rebekah is the complete opposite of bouncing-off-the-walls-all-the-time Jeremy.  (I guess I’m paying for my raising with him as they say.)

Having another child at this time of the year reminds me that God loves to bring new life into this world – especially the new life found in Jesus Christ.  Out of all the things I am thankful for this year, I am most thankful for the people that God has allowed me to help deliver into His kingdom through the new birth.  

I know that over 120 Continue Reading »

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